Your time and performance are precious to us, which is why we only offer solutions that are aligned specifically to your requirements.

Keystone-FPS Financial & People Services

Keystone-FPS is a services company collaborating with its clients in two business sectors: Keystone-FPS Financial Services and Keystone-FPS People Services.
The term keystone designates the wedge-shaped stone at the summit of an arch that holds all the other elements in place. (source:

FPS stands for Financial & People Services.

We focus on being your keystone and that is because we want to play a crucial and unique role between enterprises and the financial business environment within our financial division on the one hand; and on the other between companies, individuals and real estate accounting and training programmes within our people division.
With us, you can find customised services adapted to each field of business.

Our goal:

It is to maximise your performance.


We have chosen to specialise in three areas:

  • Business accounting 
  • Management control and financial analysis
  • Business consulting



KPS propose the following services:

  • Real estate accounting
  • Training programmes: finance for non-finance people and real estate accounting courses for non-accountants.
  • Management consultancy for young employees


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